5 Reasons You Need SEO to Increase Your Website Traffic

If you are not seeing that rush of traffic you had hoped for after all that work that you put into creating your website, there may be a few areas that need a little extra attention to help turn things around. In your efforts to please organic traffic, perhaps you neglected the search engine spiders. Maybe you focused all your efforts on making sure the search engines found your website, but it looks like a mess to regular visitors and they are hitting the back button and blowing up your bounce-rate.

Here are 5 things you can do on your website today that should begin to improve your SEO and finally get that rush of traffic headed your way.

1. The Power in Keywords
Choosing the wrong keywords can place your website right in the middle of millions of similar sites. That is because everyone wants to use the same keywords, so they stuff them all over the website. Focus on localized long tail keywords or synonyms that have less competition and a decent amount of searches. What will happen is you rank high for these lesser searched terms and get a boost to those more popular search terms, a huge boost to your entire site.

2. Cleaning Up Links
Google does not put any weight into back links that are coming from unrelated sources. In the past you could flood the market with thousands of bank-links in the hopes of gaming the system, today it will get your website de-indexed instantly.

Find and remove any back-links that are not related to your website because eventually the search engine spiders will find those links and penalize your website.

3. The Speed is What You Need
Website speed is critical for two reasons these days. One, Google gives the speed of your site high relevance when ranking, and two, if too slow, impatient potential buyers will hit the back button and go elsewhere. All that work you put in to get traffic to your website, and now they are leaving lightning fast and rushing to your competition instead.

4. Getting Social
If you don’t have social buttons near all your content, now is the time to start working on that. These visitors will do the heavy lifting and share your content to help you expand your reach without having to do anything else.

5. Cleaning Up that Homepage
The homepage is where 80% of traffic lands, and you really get one shot at that first impression. Move important content above the fold, clear out the clutter, update the navigation bar, and be sure all your contact information is near the top of the page. Once you have them for a few seconds, they are more likely to stay and interact with other content on your website.

So now that you see how these 5 simple tips for improving your website SEO will help, work on one at a time until you get to the bottom of the list and then sit back and see how things begin to change. When you need help or guidance, reach out to the Brisbane SEO experts to lend a helping hand and offer professional experience.

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