5 Fun Things To Do In Cairns

One of the Seven Wonder of the World is just off the coast of Cairns, Australia. It’s the Great Barrier Reef which provides an astonishing diving or snorkeling experience — and that’s just a starter for those looking for fun tours in Cairns, an exotic location that’s also friendly, laid back and affordable.

Cairns is a city of just under 150,000. I’s called the “Gateway” to Queensland’s tropical north. Cairns is described as an “elegant and stylish city” but not snobbish. Visitors describe an “easy going” attitude with friendly people.

The coast of Cairns features lovely area of white sand beaches and sparkling blue ocean fronts. Inland from the beaches is a vast rain forest region that draws adventure-seeking travelers from all over the world.

We’re going to look at five fun things to do in Cairn, but whittling it down to just five is a challenge. But’s that’s a good problem to have, so let’s get started. 

We already mentioned the world class scuba diving and snorkeling offered by the Great Barrier Reef so let’s call that a bonus activity and look at five more.

There’s No Shortage of Fun Tours in Cairns

Not far from Cairns are the Chillagoe-Mungana Caves which began forming 400 million years ago. Sea water carved out a series of magnificent caves featuring jagged limestone outcroppings, stalagmites and stalactites. Colorful galleries of ancient Aboriginal Art are also found. Tours are easily booked year-round, except Christmas Day. The Chillagoe-Mungana Caves experience inspires awe and deliver a sense of wonder.

Spending time in the rainforest regions is a popular Cairn activity. The Daintree Cape Tribulation Rainforest is listed as a World Heritage site and has the highest number of rare, exotic animal and plant species in the world. You can tour the forest on a day trip or stay overnight at a luxury eco-resort lodge. Backpacking, hiking and camping is also an amazing experience in the Daintree rainforests.

If you’re the more urban type and seek exciting things to do in the city, Cairns offers dozens of fine dining establishments and numerous nightlife bars, dance, live music and entertainment venues. The range of dining is enormous, from basic steak and fries to more exotic fare, including Korean, Thai, Indian and Turkish restaurants to name just a few. Eateries in all price ranges are available. Cairn restaurants are considered among the best in all Australia.

For something more unusual, you might consider Tiapukai By Night. The Tiapukai are Native people of the Cairn area and put on cultural performances for visitors. This includes demonstrations by the Tiapukai Dancers. There’s also food, buffet-style, at these events and the Tiapukai share traditional music, stories and legends. Some call the Tiapukai Dance experience “mind blowing.”

For an adrenaline rush, you must try a Zip Line experience in Cairns. There are several places to do so. Zip lining is more thrilling in Cairns because you can find yourself flying among exotic birds, zinging past koala bears and (safely) over crocodiles and snakes below! Some say you haven’t truly Zip Lined until you’ve done it in a Cairns-area rainforest region.

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